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URGENT request for the following items for the NEEDS pantry: prepared food, fruit, pasta sauce, peas, other vegetables, jelly.

Get Involved

New sermon series starting October 1st


Dream Again: learning to dream and trust God for something new.




What: whole church survey

When: September 17—October 1st

Who: EVERYONE!  Surveys will be available in church on Sundays, plus you can come in during the week, or call the office and arrange for someone to come to you.

As our Navigate journey comes to the of chapter one, the final leg involves one more step of self-reflection: pulse.  Pulse is a comprehensive survey that will give the whole church an overview of the health and mission of Trinity.  Please click on the link below to access the survey.  We hope ALL people associated with Trinity will join us to give their input.  The more surveys completed, the  more accurate our assessment.  When completed, the denomination will analyze the results and ultimately give us Trinity’s “pulse”.  That will be the starting point as we look to the remainder of 2017 and beyond.

100 Days of Prayer -

September 28th follow-up meeting, 6pm


In preparation for the next season of Navigate, we, as one community, will come together in prayer to dream about our future.  For 100 days, we invite you all (at home, at work, or at our gatherings), for a few minutes each day, to pray for these 3 things:


1) God's will

2) The community's needs

3) Where Trinity Community Church fits into those 2 things


There will be monthly follow-up meetings on the following dates:  October 26th.  There will also be a culminating workshop on November 4th.



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