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Who We Are

Welcome to Trinity!

Trinity Community Church is a part of the Evangelical Covenant Church and the Ministry of the Great Lakes Conference.


A family of faith who worships together, grows in Christ and serves one another & the community through the Holy Spirit. 


To live Christ's ministry in grace, through worship, fellowship and service. 


ECC churches focus on the good news (Evangelical = good news) that Jesus Christ gave his life, died and was raised to give humanity a chance at eternal life in heaven. 

ECC churches also focus on helping others start and sustain a healthy relationship (Covenant= relationship) with God and other people.  

ECC churches believe in the community of Christ-followers (Church= people serving God together)  through whom God carries out His mission in the world through various ways. 


Trinity Community Church believes in being a light in it's community and is in partnership with a volunteer organization called NEEDS( NorthEast Emergency Distribution Service . They are a cooperative group of concerned community churches and civic organizations that provide basic emergency assistance. They offer emergency financial assistance, school supplies and a food pantry. For more information, call 513-891-0850. 



New Member Classes Starting Soon


Interested in knowing more about Trinity Community Church?  Want to become a member?  Join our next class session, Sundays in November (5th - 26th), 11:30am - 12:15am.  Ask Pastor Cathy for details or call the office.

To learn more about the ECC, visit

The Great Lakes Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church covers lower Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania, western New York, Kentucky, Tennessee, & West Virginia. To find out more, visit